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No.Description600 Series900 Series
1Cable adjuster4/0354/035
2Cable adjuster locknut5/0775/077
3Screw for float bowl and mixing chamber top622/086622/086
4Cable ferrule (with mid-cable adjuster)6/132A6/132A
5Mixing chamber top for adjuster and ferrule622/097928/097
6Mixing chamber top (standard)622/064928/064
7Throttle slide spring622/131622/131
8Choke valve spring622/129622/129
9Throttle needle, 2-stroke622/063928/063
9Throttle needle, 4-stroke622/124622/124
10Choke valve622?062928/062
11Throttle slide (No. 2 cutaway)622/060/2928/060/2
11Throttle slide (No. 2 1/2 cutaway)622/060/2.5928/060/2.5
11Throttle slide (No. 3 cutaway)622/060/3928/060/3
11Throttle slide (No. 3 1/2 cutaway)622/060/3.5928/060/3.5
12Carburetor body
13Velocity stack (plastic)376/066928/066
14Pilot jet (state size req'd)124/026124/026
15Needle jet (2-stroke 105)622/079/105622/079/105
15Needle jet (2-stroke 106)622/079/106622/079/106
15Needle jet (2-stroke 107)622/079/107622/079/107
15Needle jet (2-stroke 108)622/079/108622/079/108
15Needle jet (2-stroke 109)622/079/109622/079/109
15Needle jet (4-stroke 105)622/122/105622/122/105
15Needle jet (4-stroke 106)622/122/106622/122/106
15Needle jet (4-stroke 107)622/122/107622/122/107
16Jet holder, 4-stroke622/128622/128
16Jet holder, 2-stroke1034/0801034/080
17Main Jet (state size req'd)376/100376/100
18Float needle (viton tip)622/197622/197
20Float bowl washer622/073622/073
21Float bowl 0.10in. (2.5mm) seating622/050622/050
21Float bowl 0.10in. seating with drain plug622/055622/055
23Banjo, single376/097376/097
23Banjo, double, 150 deg.376/139376/139
23Banjo, double, 55 deg376/410376/410
23Banjo, double, 180 deg376/419376/419
24Banjo bolt622/078622/078
25Float spindle622/071622/071
26Throttle stop adjusting screw622/077622/077
27Pilot air adjusting screw622/076622/076
28'O' rings622/082622/082
29Needle clip622/067622/067
30Mixing chamber top for 2 ferrules (only used available)622/098622/098
31Plug for mixing chamber top4/137A4/137A
32'O' ring for flange sealing622/101622/101
33Choke valve guide622/134622/134
34Float bowl drain plug washer622/151622/151
35Float bowl drain plug (plastic)622/147622/147
35Float bowl drain plug (metal)622/155622/155
37Spray tube622/075622/075
38Spray tube622/074622/074
Not Illustrated
Banjo bolt washer (metal banjos only)13/16313/163
Main jet filter928/071928/071
600 Series 22mm622/300622/3014-stroke
600 Series 22mm622/302622/3032-stroke
600 Series 24mm624/300624/3014-stroke
600 Series 24mm624/302622/3032-stroke
600 Series 26mm626/300626/3014-stroke
600 Series 26mm626/302626/3032-stroke
900 Series 28mm928/300928/3014-stroke
900 Series 28mm928/302928/3032-stroke
900 Series 30mm930/300930/3014-stroke
900 Series 30mm930/302930/3032-stroke
900 Series 32mm932/300932/3014-stroke
900 Series 32mm932/302932/3032-stroke

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